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Berri's Cafe

“Berri’s café strives to bring the best Mediterranean cuisine fresh to you along with a friendly, electric atmosphere.”

From the moment you step through the doors, your culinary experience begins. Relax and enjoy a flavorful menu in a vibrant atmosphere. Whether you are just starting the day or wrapping it up, we are here to ensure your appetite is satisfied.



With a mix of inspirations, our chiefs are always cooking up fresh, flavorful and delightful dishes, all with a Mediterranean twist. Whether you are looking for a seasoned favorite or

something outside the traditional, we have you covered. From artful pizzas, creamy pastas or fresh and light seafood we take pride in bringing the best to the table every day.



No matter if it is your first time or your 1,000th time, our specialty and signature dishes bring a savory experience time and time again.

Bite in to our signature pizzas, pasta , sandwiches and more to taste the difference fresh ingredients makes.

Our Famous Lobster Pizza




Looking to celebrate and dine with a group of 6 or more?
Give us a call at 323.852.0642 to reserve a table.